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New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition Features Chapter Authored By Nicolaides Attorneys

The New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition – Volume 12 – has launched. This new series is devoted to litigation, arbitration and settlement of insurance coverage disputes and is written by nationally known lawyers experienced in insurance coverage litigation. The book provides fresh analysis of current and recurring issues that arise in many areas including the initiation of litigation, discovery, expert witnesses, summary judgment, trial proceedings, post-trial issues, and settlement.

New Chapter 150, titled INITIATION OF LITIGATION, was written by Sara Thorpe, Mary Licari, Missy Thompson, Seth Manfredi, and Matt Sorem at Nicolaides Fink Thorpe Michaelides Sullivan LLP. The Chapter provides information, analyzes pertinent issues, and includes a checklist for the measures to take in initiating lawsuits in insurance disputes. The chapter provides the framework for the thought-process that should be part of filing a lawsuit. It addresses the parties to the lawsuit, timing of filing a lawsuit, jurisdiction / forum / venue, causes of action, some specific types of lawsuits (intervention, interpleader, class action), and service of the complaint, as well as alternative dispute resolution methods including appraisal, arbitration, mediation, and hybrid forms of arbitration and mediation.

Other Appleman chapters provide overviews and practical suggestions on other insurance-related dispute issues and were written by other well-known insurance lawyers, including Laura A. Foggan, Lorelie S. Masters, Sherilyn Pastor, Nicholas M. Insua, Helen K. Michael, David L. Cox, Erica J. Dominitz, Daniel H. Rylaarsdam, Seth D. Lamden, Walter J. Andrews, Christine Terrell, Marla H. Kanemitsu, Laura J. Hanson, Robert Kelly, Timothy W. Volpe, and Leslie A. Wickes.

Editor / Publisher, LexisNexis, is developing this new edition of the venerable Appleman national treatise on insurance law to be different from other insurance law treatises in that its primary goal is to offer clarity and a framework in which to understand the law, and as a springboard for readers to conduct further research. Researchers today know how to find cases in their jurisdictions. They no longer need an insurance treatise with long lists of case references and case citations.  The new Appleman provides the user with background on insurance concepts, the majority and minority positions on an issue, and where appropriate identifies the better practice and explains why.  For further information on the publication, please see New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition.